Mendip Integrated Health and Wellbeing

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Mendip Integrated Health and Wellbeing was formed in 2015 from the 3 Mendip Federations of East, Central and West.  Currently made up of 11 practices from Frome in the East to Street in the West, they cover a patient population of 116,000. The practices meet regularly to discuss provision of medical services in Mendip and issues that affect all the practices.  In 2015 a successful bid for Primary Care Development Fund monies enabled a management structure to be formed, which has been supported by Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group for the last two years.  Following engagement events with patients and staff, areas of collaboration were identified as workforce resilience, streamlining of ,policies, procedures and documents and provision of patient services. Mendip Integrated Health and Wellbeing has also become a vehicle for the delivery of the Mendip Symphony project.