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Welcome to Mendip Integrated Health and Wellbeing

Mendip Integrated Health and Wellbeing is a membership organisation of 11 practices coming together to deliver primary care.

As the world of health and social care changes around us, Mendip Integrated Health and Wellbeing brings together the Mendip GP practices to meet these new challenges. Whilst the GP practice will remain at the centre of primary care, working together to consider the delivery of services in different ways allow practices to meet the changing needs of an increasing population.

It is our belief that working together helps practices become more efficient, and helps the people who work in them to access a wide range of support and advice enhancing their skills. It also enables us to work with other health care professionals and develop our partnerships with third and community sectors.

Primary care is central to the health and wellbeing of patients, their carers and the wider community. Our collaborative approach means that we can support practices’ training and education towards achieving clinical excellence and good person-centred care, strengthen their clinical governance and improve the quality and safety of services for patients.

As more people with complex health needs receive care in the community, GPs are having to reshape and transform their services to benefit from economies of scale. Mendip Integrated Health and Wellbeing want to offer a greater range of services, continuity of care, longer consultations and longer opening hours, all based on a sustainable operating model that will continue to grow into the future.

Do you want to find groups and support in the community that might help you improve your health and wellbeing?

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